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moncler baby vest et took the bulk of the snap: Artis-Payne had 30, Fulse had 25, Coates had 31, Williams had 29 andRicardo Louishad 26, with relatively light workloads for players like Grant (7) and Bray (9). When Marshall entered the game, the Tigers mixed it up more -- Artis-Payne got 22 snaps to Grant's 14, Bray took 19 snaps to 13 for Louis and 14 for Williams -- and the Tigers used a three-wide formation personnel package withMelvin Ray,Marcus Davisand either Bray orTony Stevensmuch more often.Now, on to the snap counts themselves. In counting Auburn's snaps, we recorded every snap -- including ones nullified by penalty, because the Tigers sometimes swit
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